Generic Compatible Replacement 5V AC Adapter Charger For D Link DCS 1000 DCS 1000W Web Cam Wireless Camera Power Cord Reviews

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Generic Compatible Replacement 5V AC Adapter Charger For D Link DCS 1000 DCS 1000W Web Cam Wireless Camera Power Cord

Product Features

  • High Quality Replacement Charger Part
  • Over Voltage and Current Protection
  • AC 110V-220V Wide International Travel Voltages Input

Product Description

Brand New High Quality Generic Compatible Replacement 5V AC Adapter Charger For D Link DCS 1000 DCS 1000W Web Cam Wireless Camera Power Cord

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Savings: 6.79

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Belkin WeMo NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision, All Glass Wide Angle Lens, and Infrared Cut-off Filter

Product Features

  • Works with Belkin WeMo products: WeMo Switch, WeMo Motion Sensor, WeMo Insight Switch and WeMo Light Switch
  • Premium HD wide-angle glass lens: High definition video for ultra-clear viewing day or night
  • Easy install: Set up your camera from your smartphone or tablet in minutes. No need for a computer
  • Night vision filter: Lets you view more with little to no light
  • Secure connection: NetCam HD+ only connects to our secure servers
  • Email alerts let you enjoy peace of mind with movement-detection notifications and built in push-to-talk microphone allows 2-way conversations
  • Package includes: Belkin NetCam HD+, mounting kit with screws, quick install guide, and power supply
  • Not compatible with Amazon Echo

Product Description

Watch Your Home from Anywhere

The Belkin NetCam HD+ delivers 720p HD live streaming video to your smartphone or tablet, letting you watch the action in your home from wherever you go. Equipped with a wide-angle glass lens, night vision, and secure Wi-Fi connectivity, the NetCam HD+ ensures you'll always be a part of what's happening at home. Control the camera using the free NetCam App for your smartphone or tablet--no computer required. Installation is a breeze for most wireless devices, and the encrypted Wi-Fi connectivity gives you a secure, worry-free streaming experience. A push-to-talk button and built-in microphone let you communicate with kids, elderly family members, and even pets when you're out and about. Subscribe to Cloud+ Premium Services for even more features.

Glass Lens for Vivid HD Video

The camera's glass lens lets you capture vibrant, colorful footage of what's happening in your home. With the camera's 720p HD resolution, you'll get detailed, high-definition video right on your smartphone or tablet.

Subscribe to Cloud+ Premium Services to Enhance Your Video Experience

Expand the capability of your NetCam with a subscription to Cloud+ Premium Services. Store your favorite video clips in the cloud and receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet whenever the camera's motion sensor is triggered. You'll get a video link that you can watch immediately to see what's happening at home. You can try a complimentary 30-day subscription to start exploring all the advanced features right away.

Integrates seamlessly with the WeMo family of products.

Works with WeMo

WeMo is a family of innovative, easy-to-use products that make life easier, simpler, and better by using your Wi-Fi network and mobile internet to control your home electronics right from your smartphone or tablet. The Belkin NetCam HD+ also works with the WeMo family so you can program home automation triggers like turning on your lights when someone walks through the door. Explore the growing WeMo collection of products and see how they can enhance your life.

Push-to-talk feature lets you communicate instantly.
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Stay in Touch with Push-to-Talk

Don't just watch what unfolds at home--chime in yourself. The push-to-talk feature lets you communicate directly with anyone on the screen. Join the kids' fun or shoo the dog away from that plate of cookies. Hear and record clear high-quality audio of whatever happens.

Notifications go right to your email.
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Camera Alerts You of Motion in the Room

Don't waste time staring at your smartphone screen waiting for something to happen. The camera's motion sensor can notify you via email whenever there's movement in the camera's area, letting you tune in just as the action starts.

Designed for easy installation with your smartphone or tablet.

Enjoy Video on Apple and Android devices

Get HD video right in the palm of your hand, with no computer required. Simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet, and then plug the NetCam HD+ into a power outlet in your home. The camera will connect to your home Wi-Fi router, and the connection is encrypted to keep your videos private. Launch the app on your mobile device, follow the instructions, and you're ready to stream video. The camera is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad (OS 4.2 or higher), along with Android devices (version 2.2 or higher). A Wi-Fi router and Internet connection are required.

Wide-angle video lets you see more of the room.

Wide-Angle Format for Superb Detail

The wide-view lens lets you observe a large room from one vantage point. Place the camera in a bedroom, kitchen, hallway, or office and keep all of the action in the frame.

Infrared night vision lets you stream and record video no matter what time it is.

Night Vision for Around-the-Clock Monitoring

NetCam's night vision feature means you'll have HD video, no matter what time it is. A Day/Night filter ensures that the picture on your device is clear, even if the room you're viewing is totally dark. Use the clear audio and video feeds to monitor your children's bedroom or keep an eye on the office after hours.

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Savings: 16.19

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Customer Reviews

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3.0 out of 5 stars
Good picture quality, but a security liability and the few features it has are tied to a monthly fee, June 28, 2014
Jonathan Birge (Cambridge, MA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Belkin WeMo NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision, All Glass Wide Angle Lens, and Infrared Cut-off Filter (Electronics)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
While the pictures are outstanding from this, the video quality is terrible, and hardly "HD". It may take 720p pictures, but it can't stream HD at full video rates, even when you're on the same LAN as the camera. The video is motion-blurred and stutters horribly unless you intentionally downgrade the video stream to standard definition. This is a shame, because it's clearly an issue with the device not being powerful enough to encode and stream at HD. The sensor itself is quite good, and the still frames from this camera are outstanding.

The audio is next to useless, unfortunately, and has constant clicking artifacts, which I assume is the WiFi signal interfering with the poorly designed audio circuitry.

To do any motion detection or clip recording--that is, to do anything very useful with this camera--requires a monthly subscription. Furthermore, the motion detection is very poorly engineered, and can't do regions of interest, and I have yet to find a setting which doesn't just trigger dozens of useless movie clips every day just because wind moved a tree.

The iOS app is horribly engineered. It constantly hangs, can't record video at anything other than a few frames per second, often produces video that has errors so that the iPhone can't play it back, and forces you to watch a few second animation of Belkin's stupid logo every single bloody time you start it up.

Perhaps worst of all: there is no way to operate this camera purely over a LAN. Even if you don't want to use the cloud features, this camera will be in constant communication with Belkin's servers to "punch a hole" in your firewall and allow external communication to the device. If they wanted to, anybody at the company Belkin outsources the web application to could view your camera, any time it's powered up. More importantly, anybody that hacked their servers could do so, too. Lord knows what they could do from the camera, since it's basically a small computer in its own right. A good hacker could probably reverse engineer the firmware and reprogram the camera to attack your network from inside your firewall. Basically, this camera is a computer on your local network behind your firewall that a company you shouldn't trust now has permanent access to. I'm not really happy about that. You should be able to turn off the ability for the camera to be reachable by the world beyond your firewall, but that's not possible. As such, this is about the least secure camera you can buy. Is it worse than a drop cam in terms of security? I don't think so, but I wouldn't recommend one of those either. I would recommend a camera that allows you to operate entirely within your LAN, such as a FOSCAM.

I've been really disappointed with Belkin's products recently. They seem to be trying to make money off subscriptions, but are forgetting to deliver a quality product off of which to to base them. I don't appreciate being forced into a subscription just to do things that shouldn't require the cloud. As an option, fine, but this product is useless without the cloud, paid or otherwise. What happens when Belkin decides to write off this product, as they did with their terrible baby monitors? How long will they continue to support the servers for this? Without their servers, this device is just a door stop.


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4.0 out of 5 stars
Simple setup, simple configuration and does what it says, August 2, 2014
This review is from: Belkin WeMo NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision, All Glass Wide Angle Lens, and Infrared Cut-off Filter (Electronics)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)

Customer Video Review Length:: 7:54 Mins

Let's clear something right away. This Belkin Netcam HD+ does what the product states it will do. While we always have plenty of suggestions for improvements, I didn't find any areas where it did not function as stated and designed. This is an indoor camera only and I would not even leave it in direct sunlight all day. You will also need to register an account with Belkin. You do not have to subscribe to any of their services, such as the cloud recording, but the account is required. This camera is made to connect to their servers. If you are on your iPad or mobile device and connected to view the camera you will see you do not go to the Internet in their status and are LAN connected. But the initial opening of the application does go out to the Internet to find what camera are online.

As we show in the video, the setup is as simple as plugging in the camera to a power outlet, flip of a switch on the back to configuration mode (up) and connect to the camera directly via wifi. Configure all the settings you desire (connection info for your wifi and more) and save. Flip the switch into camera mode and your iPad or mobile device back to the normal network and you will see it get online.

They designed the camera with the wide angle to save costs on a motor to move the camera head. I appreciated the 720p ability and really would not need a full 1080p camera for everyday home usage. The ability to save snapshots to my local device while watching was nice, and the audio works well for listening in rooms and close. The microphone volume for you to speak with them is not loud so keep that in mind. we also test the night vision capabilities in the video and that worked very well. If this camera is always in a dark place you could have it set to always be in that mode or leave the default for automatic.

The application was easy to use, but I wish you could rotate the screen portrait so I could have multiple cameras viewed at once. Like a stacked grid. A great way to have multiple cameras viewable. The web interface was fine but a bit dated. Updates there would be very welcome if I wanted to use this while at work and couldn't have my iPad or phone on the network.

Mounting screws are provided, but are very basic. The camera is light so they should hold but I went ahead and did a better mount for the camera. I do wish that you could detach the camera fully from the stand to place it somewhere a bit more hidden. The stand did have good swivel range to place it at most every angle.

The camera also allows you to share the stream and feed with others. This is great for house sitters, grandparents and others. A great way to share who can see the camera without full configuration control of it. Keep that in option in mind when choosing a camera. If you have the cloud recording services you can go back and view events that were recorded later. They will need to build a better export system if you ever needed clips for the authorities.

The recent firmware update gave better integration with the Wemo system so make sure you apply that. Watch the video for more of our review.


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4.0 out of 5 stars
It's good, but it could be better., June 27, 2014
Michael Trotman (Isle of Palms, SC USA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Belkin WeMo NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision, All Glass Wide Angle Lens, and Infrared Cut-off Filter (Electronics)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)

Customer Video Review Length:: 0:07 Mins

The camera was easy to set up and easy to mount. The only mounting options are up or down. To give the user more flexibility in mounting, It would be helpful to be able to mount the camera sideways as well, but at this time it's not an option unless you can tolerate watching the video at a 90 degree angle. A simple software and/or firmware update would fix this so I hope Belkin will consider this option for a future update.

Although the camera is designed to use indoors, I've been trying to use the camera to monitor my front porch through a window. However, as you can see in the attached video, the IR night vision will not work through glass. Also, regardless of how I adjust the sensitivity, the slightest sense of motion triggers a recording and email alert. This may be fine for indoors, but if you're trying to monitor an area outside all it takes is for the wind to blow a tree or flag and the motion detector sets off. I'll continue to use it this way, but I"m hoping for a software and/or firmware update that will address the sensitivity issue.

I've also been taking advantage of the 30 day free trial of the Cloud+ Premium Services. This subscription allows you to record and store your videos in the cloud, so you can review them later. You can also receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet when the camera's motion sensor is triggered. The notifications include a video link, so you can quickly watch the clip. It would be nice if Belkin also included to option to save the clips to your own PC, but the only way to do that now is to download them from Cloud+.


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