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La Crosse Alerts 926-25104-WGB Wireless Monitor System Set with Water Leak Probe

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La Crosse Alerts 926-25104-WGB Wireless Monitor System Set with Water Leak Probe

Product Features

  • Detectors moisture from any water leak, measures ambient air temperature and humidity
  • Transmits to gateway in 200 ft. range
  • Receive e-mail and text alerts for temperature and humidity, connection loss and low battery
  • Internet and network router required (not included)
  • Requires two AAA alkaline battery (not included)

Product Description

Use a smartphone, tablet or computer to remotely monitor for water leaks and temperature & humidity levels. Monitor the kitchen, bath, basement, and laundry or pool room. The water sensor on detachable 6 ft. cable senses wet (H20) and dry (DRY) conditions. Recieve text and e-mail alerts when water is detected, when min/max temperature or humidity range is exceeded, connection is lost, or battery is low.   A remote water leak detector with early warning alerts is the best defense against water damage when you are away.   Use the water leak detector with early warning alerts to monitor and protect your home, second home, business or rental when you are away.* Prevent property damage caused by faulty pipes, hoses, sinks, sump pump overflow & mold.* On average, frozen pipes that crack and burst damage a quarter million properties every year. Water heaters with a slow leak or a sudden burst can also cause extensive damage; the worst, most costly damage occurring in unoccupied homes.   All Features:   Includes a TX70U-IT water detector with temperature & humidity monitor, a 6 ft. detachable water sensor cable, gateway, LAN cable & AC adapter. Detects presence of water and measures ambient air temperature and humidity Water detector on detachable 6 ft. cable senses wet (H20) and dry (DRY) conditions Monitor ambient air temperature and humidity Weather resistant case Wall hanging or free standing Add up to 5 sensors per gateway to monitor addional areas 200 Ft wireless range   Specifications:   Humidity range: 3% to 99% (%RH) Temperature range:-40°F to 140°F 2 ”AAA” Alkaline batteries (not included) Internet gateway, LAN cable and AC adapter included High-speed Internet and router required   How it works: The water leak detector transmits data to the gateway (200 Ft. range). Alerts are sent as e-mail or text message Use smartphone or tablet to remotely monitor for water leaks. Recieve text and email alerts.

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Customer Reviews

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3.0 out of 5 stars
Easy setup and worked first time, but LaCrosse should note that you must subscribe to a service to use it, April 30, 2013
This review is from: La Crosse Alerts 926-25104-WGB Wireless Monitor System Set with Water Leak Probe (Misc.)
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This product works surprisingly well, and as a product would garner 5 stars from me, but I was disappointed with some details that I felt were lacking from the Amazon description which I hope to elucidate in my review.

When you get the box, you will have a mini panic attack at all of the parts, but don’t fret. There is a base station receiver which has an AC adapter for power and a short Ethernet Cable. Sadly, there’s no WiFi bridge so you must have space in your router or you will need to get an Ethernet Switch (about ). The receiver has a single gray button on it and two LED lights. There is also the tranmitter itself which can be mounted remotely. It takes two AAA batteries (not included), and has a sensor on an extended wire so you can mount the transmitter high on the wall (away from possible water) with the sensor itself near the ground. The transmitter measures Temperature, Humidity and Wetness (yes or no for the latter). It will make a measurement every 2 minutes and send it back to the receiver. The box also includes two plastic brackets (for the transmitter and receiver) and screws/wall anchors. The sensor itself has holes for mounting on a wall as well.

Setup is a breeze. You go to the LaCrosse Alerts website and sign up for an account. You enter the activation code that comes with the device. Then you plug in the receiver and press the gray button when it tells you to press it. The website then asks for the serial number from the receiver. Once that is associated with the account, you repeat the process for the transmitter/sensor, putting in the batteries and pushing the button. The transmitter has a small LCD display that will tell you the humidity, temperature, and wetness without going to the website (would be nice if the receiver had this as well).

The whole thing works – I set it up for text message alerts. You can set custom alerts for temperature, humidity, and wetness. You can add some hysteresis, so it can avoid alerting you for 1 bad measurement, but maybe 3 in a row is an alert (could be good in a sump pit to detect failure – water sometimes is fine, but for too long means failure). I put it in my basement, dumped some water on the floor, and 6 minutes later (since I told it I had to get 3 bad readings), I got a text message alert of a flood.

So why 3 stars? First, the ad makes it look like there is an iPhone app. There isn’t – just a mobile friendly website. So you will not get app notifications but rather normal SMS text messages for alerts.

Second – the sensor comes with a 1 year enhanced subscription and a 5 year basic. The basic just lets you log into the website and see current status. Enhanced is required for the alerts (and graphing among other features). The service costs .88 a year. So after 1 year, you will be paying LaCrosse to keep the alerts going. Is it worth .88 a year? I think so, but nowhere on Amazon does it say that this device is essentially useless without a subscription. I was hoping that maybe there was some PC software to talk to the receiver directly to avoid the LaCrosse service, but not such luck. I was also hoping that maybe there was an audible alarm as a backup. Also, no such luck. So without power, an active internet connection, and a yearly subscription fee (past the first year which is free), it is useless. Should this keep you from buying it? I don’t think so – it’s a useful device and quite a stress reliever when you are out of town. But should LaCrosse have made this clear? Absolutely – they need to indicate it comes with 1 year of free monitoring and extra years cost money.

Third (and hence why 3 stars and not 4), the receiver makes a weird buzzing sound which is remarkably loud even in my office with multiple computers and other devices running, I can hear it buzzing. I will have to place it somewhere more inaccessible and run a longer network cable to it. If your router is in your bedroom, you might also want to avoid it. Seriously – why doesn’t LaCrosse just make the transmitter a WiFi device since almost everyone has wireless routers now anyways? In any event, it works, but there is something wrong with the design that it is so loud.

Recommended so long as you understand what you are actually getting.


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3.0 out of 5 stars
Works well, but has a few flaws, May 3, 2013

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