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Swege Portable Travel Door Stop & Alarm

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Swege Portable Travel Door Stop & Alarm

Product Features

  • Door Stop Alarm for extra security at home, dorms, apartments or hotels
  • Stronger than a deadbolt, resists force in excess of 3000 lbs.
  • Loud alarm sounds (120db) when door swings onto device and it stops the door from opening
  • Quality stainless steel and durable high impact plastic, includes Velcro attachments pads
  • Effective on hard surfaces and carpet, easy to pack

Product Description

Place the Swege at the base of your door and anyone trying to enter your room will be stopped and set off a loud 120 db alarm, 9 volt included. There is no comparison to other door stop alarms when it comes to reliability and quality! It is made of high-impact plastic with a stainless steel door plate and includes a reusable smooth floor adhesive strip. The travel door alarm works on all flooring surfaces including carpet, or smooth surfaces such as tile, wood or linoleum (Velcro fasteners are supplied for carpet). Ideal for women traveling alone or for anyone concerned about preventing unwanted entry into their hotel room, home or dorm. The Swege is a little peace of mind to take with you. Note: Using any door stop, door deadbolt, chain, or similar device could delay emergency personnel from entering the room in case of emergency. Consider all scenarios prior to engaging these types of devices. Alarm sounds for 5 seconds if activated. The alarm sounds up to one hour if the pressure is not released. Don’t want the alarm function, then disconnect the battery. One year warranty. Tip: Use it as a non-skid door stop when alarm is switched off (battery disengaged). Many of our customers use this as a sleepwalking alarm when they stay in hotel with a sleepwalker. Directions: Place the portable travel door alarm on the floor in the path of the door swing. It prevents the door from opening, and it is stronger than a deadbolt! Should entry be attempted, it not only stops the door from being opened, the Swege Door Stop Alarm also emits a 120 decibel alarm.

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