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Brewster PF0716 Dogwood Premium Privacy Film Door Reviews

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Brewster PF0716 Dogwood Premium Privacy Film Door

Product Features

  • Block unwanted views and viewers
  • Block 99% of UV-B rays and 96% of UB-A rays
  • Colorful embossed design
  • Static Cling – no adhesives, spray surface with water
  • Door Size is 35.25″ x 78″

Product Description

The Dogwood blossom door film is a beautiful look on any glass surface and adds the authentic look and feel of a beautiful stained glass door. The privacy door film made from a heavy-weight deeply embossed vinyl and features a stunning prismatic finish. This premium design will block unwanted views and naturally refract light. Dogwood door film is 35.25″ x 78″.

List Price: $ 60.99

Savings: 10

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Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars
This atractive film works quite well!, November 16, 2013

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I disagree with the other customer (Gina): this window film does work and will install properly. She mentioned that it is thick… and it IS thicker than similar products, but that could be a bonus if, for example, you put this on a sidelight or a glass patio door and have dogs or toddlers. The thickness does mean certain things are important which I will cover later, but it also means the film is highly unlikely to fold over and stick to itself during installation. That is a very BIG PLUS, trust me!
The key to successful installation here is two-fold: trimming the film to the right size and squeegeeing out the water. Do not cut this film too large! Because of its thickness, it does not draw up like some other brands do. Any excess material at the edges does not just fold on the sides– it’s too thick to fold easily. That means the edges are not in contact with the glass and this creates adhesion problems. The squeegeeing is part of the directions– take it seriously! Excess fluid under the film will create pockets where the liquid collects and make most folks mess with the positioning by pulling up edges and whatnot. Any “messing” of that sort after the film is “set” in place can introduce air and dust and hair– all potential problems with adhesion.
If you have cut your film to the right size for your window (slightly smaller is better than too large!), these installation tips will help you get your film good, secure contact with your window. Clean your window. Don’t use glass cleaner and paper towels– glass cleaner is colored and not very good at drying streak-free; paper towels leave linty residue. Simple dish soap in warm water works best, but you can add a little plain white vinegar if necessary. Dry with a clean, lint-free rag. Mist your window with warm water. You can add a drop of clear dish soap to the spray water. Don’t overdo this! The water should not be “sudsy.” The small amount of a surfactant will allow the film to “float” just a bit during positioning. Start placement at the top of your window and squeegee it down and out toward the edges as you go, pressing the water out the bottom. Some SMALL pockets of liquid may remain, but your edges should be secure. Any water left underneath will eventually dry out. If your film is clear, that trapped liquid may look a bit milky. That will go away when things dry out and your film will look clear. Don’t mess! If somehow you still end up with a big, bloaty area of liquid in the middle of your film, you can try again from start or prick the bubble with a pin. Honestly, that pin-thing should not be necessary (even for first-timers), and there is no reason to do this on small pockets, because drying will draw the film smooth to the glass. I only mention it so you feel confident that the situation is not hopeless should you find yourself there.
So, in review, my tips: cut to size (NOT too large!); use a drop of clear dish soap in the spray water; squeegee down and out AS you position (not after positioning); and finally, leave it alone– NO MESSING.
Let me leave you by saying I am not a company shill. I am a just DIY-er. I usually buy CDs at Amazon. Look at my other reviews. But I bought this film for a bedroom window on a side of the house where I needed privacy AND light and the “view” would not be missed. This film is pretty and the colors match my décor. I took the time to write this rather involved review so people who are attracted to and considering this product don’t think it’s a POS: it’s absolutely not.

*** Update: My film is still secure in place almost a year after I installed it. ***


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5.0 out of 5 stars
Beautiful, January 27, 2014
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This review is from: Brewster PF0716 Dogwood Premium Privacy Film Door (Tools & Home Improvement)
I used this for extra big old windows. It is hard to line up the smaller pieces just so so that the line is not apparent, especially with light coming in. These are nice, they make our parlor feel much more private and secluded than open windows, and they don’t have the dust attracting properties of blinds. Over time, they fall off. I used two sided tape to re-mount them as they began to fall, and then they don’t fall anymore. The tape is available from amazon as well, and also home depot, I believe the brand I used was "Weather King". As for installation, it is suggested that you measure and cut, but it is hard to be precise, and a bad cut is expensive. I have found that if I overlap by about a couple of inches all around and then cut it with scissors, it works out. Then I clean the window with Windex. Then I use my own solution of hot water and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo or other no-tears baby shampoo and a clean sponge and wet up the window, so it is all wet. Then I peel off the backing as I place the film. Then I cut it close with a box-cutter/ utility knife or a razor while it is up on the window, being careful not to cut it short. A metal straight edge like a ruler works to hold the film tight while you make the cut.

This stuff is thicker and has a bumpy texture, unlike products from this company that are smaller.


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4.0 out of 5 stars
A lot lighter than the picture. 😅, April 9, 2015
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So, I have used stained glass window films before, and love them. I just moved into an old farmhouse with original 1970s goldenrod yellow appliances, so I thought this would go well. It does the trick, although I would have liked for it to be a touch more vibrant like the advertisement photos.

Also, because it’s a old farmhouse that was all built by my boyfriends grandfather, all of the windows are custom sizes. If you look closely, I did my best to match up the dogwood blooms but I didn’t have enough film to cover both sides of the window with full strips. So I actually cut a seam, and the cut out some blooms and steams to blend the line a bit more.

Good luck DIYers! I think overall it’s a great product, it saves me money on drapes and it’s like a new art piece.


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