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Simply Automated US1-40 Dimmer Base with Timer,

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Simply Automated US1-40 Dimmer Base with Timer,

Product Features

  • Standard 900W single-rocker dimmer base. Requires optional single-rocker faceplate, color choices include white, ivory, almond, light almond, brown or black. Built-in (countdown) timer option for convenience and energy savings.
  • Works just like a regular light switch or dimmer. Utilizes ultra-reliable Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) technology. No new wiring needed! For new or existing lighting fixtures, lamps, fans and other electrical devices.
  • Powerful expansion capability – up to 250 devices using UPStart software, your PC and Computer Interface Module (PN: UMC-USB)!
  • Can transmit and receive scenes with other Simply Automated dimmers, plug-in modules, wall receptacle, fixture modules and other UPB devices – can control virtually any UPB device that connects to AC power wiring anywhere in the home.
  • Dimmers require both a neutral (white) and hot (black) connection. Do not use on a 3-way circuit. Your home should be no more than 2500 square feet and have only one breaker panel. A phase coupler is required in some home installations.

Product Description

The SimplyBrilliantTM UPB Dimming Transceiver Switch, model US1-40, provides direct load control and or remote control of permanently-installed new or existing lighting fixtures, lamps and other electrical devices connected to UPB devices. Incandescent lamps can be turned ON or OFF, and can also be dimmed and brightened. The timer function can be used to automatically turn OFF loads, after a preset time, like bathroom fans or heat lamps. The US1-40 can be configured to turn other types of non-dimmable loads ON and OFF. Single rocker faceplate model series ZS11 are sold separately and available in gloss colors: white, ivory, almond, brown or black. The switch may also act as a transmitter or receiver that can communicate with other UPB devices, either individually or collectively for lighting scenes. Note: This incandescent dimmer cannot be used to dim FLUORESCENT, ELECTRONIC LOW-VOLTAGE or METAL HALIDE lighting, unless specifically allowed by the lighting manufacturer. Please see instructions to configure this product for ON/OFF operation with these types of lighting.

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