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36″ – 24 Strobing LED Hula Hoop – THE FUSION Price: $70.00 (as of 27/02/2024 03:15 PST- Details)

HDPE – 3/4″ OD Tubing
24 DragonFly Strobe LEDS – 4 of each color ROYGBP

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Electric LifeStylz


Electric LifeStylz presents our new 36″ – 24 DragonFly Strobing FUSION LED hula hoop. The Fusion hoop comes with 24 DragonFly LEDS. This incredible hoop comes with 4 Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink DragonFly Strobing LEDs.

Rechargeable Battery

Our LED Hula Hoop now comes with a 3.6V RECHARGEABLE Lithium Ion Battery!!!! This will make your experience with your hoop even more enjoyable. Never again will you have to replace your batteries, and spend extra money. The rechargeable battery and charger are included!!!!

New Multi Battery Function

All hoops now come with a 2 AA battery option. This means you can use your rechargeable battery AND when you are forced to charge it, you can temporarily use 2 AA batteries so you are never without your hoop!! This feature is also great for Festivals and other times when you are not near a socket to charge your battery!! Guarantees hooping all the time!

Plug’N’Play Button

The brilliant designers at Electric LifeStylz have once again revolutionized the hooping industry!! IT’S SO SIMPLE! Just place the battery inside your hoop, press down on the push button, and close the hoop!
HDPE – 3/4″ OD Tubing
24 DragonFly Strobe LEDS – 4 of each color ROYGBP
Rechargeable battery and Recharging Unit INCLUDED


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