• $19.45

    GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Pushblock


    Auto-retracting heel technology hooks the tail-end of your board
    Proprietary Green GRR-RIP for extreme hold
    90-degree flip guide for vertical footing on band saws and router tables

  • $49.99

    Wixey WR510 Digital Planer Readout...


    Fits most portable planers
    Easy to install, calibrate, and use
    Displays Inches with fractions or millimeters

  • $107.00

    Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence


    Precision lens cursor for pinpoint accuracy
    Incredibly strong and rigid for optimal durability and tighter workpieces
    Easy to attach and remove for less downtime and more productivity

  • $1.21

    Dremel 512E EZ Lock Fine Grit Fini...


    Ideal for cleaning and light sanding and tarnish removal
    Use for car detailing and restoring door and window hardware
    EZ lock design allows these buffs to be used on any Dremel rotary tool