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Precision lens cursor for pinpoint accuracy
Incredibly strong and rigid for optimal durability and tighter workpieces
Easy to attach and remove for less downtime and more productivity

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Introduce a new level of accuracy to your band saw with the Kreg Precision Band Saw Fence. Designed by woodworkers, for woodworkers, it offers an unprecedented level of rigidity, adjustability, and precision. The fence is adjustable in two dimensions for ease in setting it parallel to the blade. Cutting accuracy and repeatability is further enhanced by the precision lens curser that reads off of the included scale. Mounts to most 14 inch band saws including Jet, Delta, General, Grizzly, and many others.

Bolster your band saw’s accuracy with this Precision Band Saw Fence from Kreg (model KMS7200). This fence is adjustable in two dimensions, and sets parallel to the blade with ease. A precision lens cursor reads off the included scale and enhances cutting accuracy and repeatability for high production work.


Incredibly strong and rigid for optimal durability and tighter work pieces (view larger).

Most band saw blades don’t run perfectly perpendicular to the front of your table. There’s always just a little bit of “drift” that prevents you from getting precise cuts even with a fence. But Kreg’s Precision Band Saw Fence easily adjusts to your blade’s drift angle to provide you with a whole new level of band saw accuracy. This fence mounts to most 14-inch band saws right out of the box (including Jet, Delta, General, Grizzly, and many others) and can be modified to fit many others by drilling a single hole in the aluminum mounting rail.

This band saw fence enables you to accomplish a wide variety of cuts. It adjusts both for blade drift and for perpendicularity to the blade (essential when cutting thin veneers). In addition, the fence can be removed and reassembled in a low-profile position to allow the blade guard to be moved closer to the work piece. Last but not least, the fence can accept resaw guides or our stops for use in additional applications.

Rigid Design

The aluminum fence is incredibly strong, straight and built to last for years to come. The face and top side of the fence contain t-slots for adding stops, resaw guides and more.

Easy to Remove

When you don’t need the fence, remove it in seconds – no tools required! Just loosen the locking knob and lift the fence from the mounting rail, below your table’s surface.

Precision Lens Cursor

Magnified and easy-to-read for even the smallest adjustments, the thin red line on the Precision Lens Cursor lets you accurately set up the fence for cutting veneer, tenons, and more.

Adjustable in Two Dimensions

This fence is unique in that it adjusts to set up perfectly square to your table and blade. Two simple adjustments allow you to set the fence to match blade drift, greatly enhancing cutting accuracy.


See larger image.


See larger image.

About Kreg Tool Company

In 1986 Craig Sommerfeld was in the process of building his house and needed to find a way to attach his doweled face frames to his kitchen cabinet carcase members. A tool and die maker by trade, but a woodworker out of necessity, Craig had a problem. Not wanting to nail them on and then fill with putty, he designed and built “Craig’s Jig” which was a single-hole pocket hole jig crafted from steel and aluminum that allowed him to attach the face frames from the inside of the cabinet where the joint could be hidden from view.

In the intervening years, Kreg Tool Company has emerged as the leader in Pocket Hole Technology. From the manual Kreg Jig to the fully-automatic Pro Series machines, Kreg offers a simple solution that has changed the way thousands of woodworkers join wood.

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KMS7200 Precision Band Saw Fence

At a Glance
  • Incredibly strong and rigid
  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Two simple adjustments for blade drift
  • Pre-drilled holes on the mounting rail fit most 14-inch saws
  • Adjustable in two dimensions
  • Anodized finish for easy cleanup

Precision lens cursor for pinpoint accuracy
Incredibly strong and rigid for optimal durability and tighter workpieces
Easy to attach and remove for less downtime and more productivity
Adjustable in two dimensions for setting parallel with the blade
Fits most 14-inch band saws for versatility


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