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KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with water level indicator, White

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KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with water level indicator, White

Product Features

  • Boils up to seven eggs at a time
  • Two poaching trays included to prepare poached eggs or individual omelets
  • Dual switch for boiling and keeping warm
  • Audible signal indicates end of cooking cycle
  • Water level indicator and egg piercer included; 400 watts; 2 year worldwide warranty

Product Description

Why the KRUPS F2307051 Egg Cooker?

Eggs are one of the best resources in the morning. They have significant amounts of protein and provide several vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, D, and E. Eggs can be cooked in many ways to satisfy every taste. Hard-boiled eggs or deviled eggs are used for salads. Soft-boiled eggs are made for serving in an egg cup with toast strips. And poached eggs are used for eggs Benedict, the ultimate brunch food. However, achieving the perfectly cooked egg is not intuitive. Eggs can easily be either under or over cooked. That’s why KRUPS has developed the F2307051 electric egg cooker. The KRUPS egg cooker not only provides the best results, it also saves you time. Just add water and eggs, turn it on and let it cook. The machine will let you know when the eggs are ready.

Cooks up to seven eggs at a time
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Keep warm function
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Easy to Operate

This egg cooker can boil up to seven eggs from soft,to medium, to hard. Once you have determined how you would like your eggs cooked, fill the provided graduated measuring cup with water (make sure you follow the measuring cup markings), pour the water in the cooking dish, pierce each egg with the included pin to prevent from cracking, place them on the egg holder and turn it on. The steam will cook the eggs, so you can have perfect eggs every time.

Exclusive Keep Warm Function

Once your eggs are ready, an alert sounds. Choose either to remove the eggs or to switch the knob to keep warm. This feature lets you take your time in the morning and is useful if family members are having breakfast at different times. The removable egg holder makes it easy to rinse eggs under cold tap water without having to manipulate them while still hot from boiling. Everything cleans easily, including the nonstick coating on top of the boiling plate.

Two Poaching Trays Included to Prepare Poached Eggs or Individual Omelets

For those who like poached eggs but fear the idea of cooking them because it takes skill to get the technique down, the KRUPS F2307051 egg cooker comes with two poaching trays. This ingenious accessory ensures a perfect cooking for poached eggs with runny yolk, hardening crust and no raw white remaining in just minutes. Break your routine and use the trays to make low fat individual omelets. The trays require less grease than an ordinary frying pan.


Bold design, precision, ingenuity and unwavering craftsmanship uniquely define the philosophy of the leading brand Robert KRUPS created in 1846. Starting with the most precise scales in the world, Robert KRUPS diversified the brand portfolio launching historical products such as the first electrical coffee grinder, the 3-Mix hand mixer or the Onco Coffee Maker. Soon identified as one key player in the coffee and espresso industry, KRUPS has continued growing, exporting the German high quality products across the globe. Today, KRUPS perpetuates the high standards of quality that have been set more than 150 years ago and put Passion, Precision and Perfection at the heart of each and every product.

Product features
  • 1-Steam outlet
  • 2-Transparent lid
  • 3-Poaching trays
  • 4-Removable egg holder fits all eggs sizes
  • 5-Cooking dish
  • 6-Cool touch handle
  • 7-On/Off indicator light
  • 8-Dual switch: cook and keep warm functions
  • 9-Cord wrap
  • 10-Measuring cup with firmness markings
  • 11-Piercing pin

List Price: $ 36.00

Savings: 9.39

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Customer Reviews

410 of 414 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Egg Cooker-Last thing on my list to buy!, March 20, 2003
S. Mitchell “samintx” (Tyler, TX United States) – See all my reviews

This review is from: KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with water level indicator, White (Kitchen)
I have never wanted an egg cooker. Thought it a waste of time. However, I am on the Atkins Plan for life and eating poached eggs. Hate to poach in a pan and experimenting with microwave egg cookers has been a disaster.
This makes WONDERFUL poached eggs. Moist NOT rubbery , runny and just like I like them. The Plastic containers are easy to clean. Love Love Love this unit.
I love Egg Salad. This hardboils my eggs and I don’t have to watch it.
Well worth the price! Try it. You’ll like it. Scratch that: You’ll LOVE it!


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451 of 462 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Even in the face of ridicule, I stand by this egg cooker, December 27, 2003
Joanna Daneman (USA) – See all my reviews

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with water level indicator, White (Kitchen)
I have had this unit for ELEVEN YEARS. That’s right. It’s still going strong and I make boiled eggs a few times a week using it. It makes perfect soft boiled eggs every time, and it’s convenient to make seven hard boiled eggs for deviled eggs. I had other egg cookers in past, but the racks tended to break and they were not as well designed as this unit. I use it several times a week and always get perfectly cooked soft or hard boiled eggs. (I have yet to figure out what to do with a “medium” boiled egg but I’m sure someone has an idea.)

A little trivia background: I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about my review of this egg cooker. The reporter’s angle on the article was that Americans use this kind of device because “Americans can’t cook.” Even after trying to convince her I could boil an egg (duh!), that an automated cooker let me do other things that stand over an egg timer with beady eyes, waiting for the perfect four-minute egg, and that this unit is a common kitchen item in Germany, where boiled eggs and a buttered roll are THE standardized breakfast (I think it maybe dictated by law there) she still published that we use these egg cookers because “Americans can’t cook.”

You get:

Poaching cups (not really poached, but you get a poached-like egg out of the shell, if you want)
Measuring cup (graduated for the proper water level for each type and number of eggs)
Piercing needle on bottom of measuring cup (releases sulfur and prevents yolk from discoloring)
Rack holds 7 eggs.

The good features:

1. Flat profile. This fits on a narrow shelf in the cupboard because the top is not domed or bulky.
2. Cord wraps around unit for storage.
3. The top and rack are dishwasher safe on the top rack and that’s how I clean them after soaking a bit–if boiled egg white gets on the unit, it’s hard to remove.
4. Eggs come out great every time.

A few downsides:

1. The bottom pan where you put the water gets discolored and unsightly after a while. The nonstick wears off and it’s not listed if it’s PFOA free and I assume it isn’t.
2. The two poaching trays are not non-stick. You have to butter them well. I mean, really really well. If you don’t, the eggs are difficult to remove. If you intend to use the poaching trays, use semi-soft butter and a silicone brush–to get into the edges to make sure you can release the cooked egg.

Bottom line: this is an incredibly serviceable unit that makes perfect boiled eggs. And you can walk away, not burn down the pot by forgetting about it–the buzzer will alert you when they’re done.


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555 of 577 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars
Krupps Egg Cooker Review, June 3, 2005
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with water level indicator, White (Kitchen)
This is a nice compact egg cooker that will hold 7 eggs for hard boiling. It’s very simple to use, just add water according to the included measuring cup, poke holes in the eggs with the included poker (on the bottom of the measuring cup), and turn it on.

I had a Sunbeam egg cooker previously that recently died and I needed to replace it. This cooker is nice, but it doesn’t have an automatic shut off like the Sunbeam. This means that you have to stay nearby to hear the beep. The Sunbeam had an automatic shut off and a light that went on when it was done cooking – which made it very easy to go do other things while cooking eggs. The Krupps has no signal light and no auto shut off. If you leave the room for a minute, you won’t know if the eggs are done or not because other than the one beep, there is no way to tell, and the eggs will just keep cooking until they burst. To me, that is a major fault with this cooker. One of the main reasons to have an egg cooker is so you can pop the eggs in and go do other things, with this cooker, you have to be right there during the entire cooking time.


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