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KRUPS XP1000 Steam Espresso Machine with Frothing Nozzle for Cappuccino, Black

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KRUPS XP1000 Steam Espresso Machine with Frothing Nozzle for Cappuccino, Black

Product Features

  • Easy to operate and very compact 4-bar steam espresso machine
  • 3 way switch knob and convenient steam nozzle to froth milk easily
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Safety valve in cap
  • 4-cup glass carafe; measuring spoon included; 750 watts; 2-year worlwide warranty

Product Description

Why the KRUPS XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine?

Richer, stronger, and quicker than regular coffee; espresso is a perfect start for your morning or a perfect end to your meal. Known for its powerful flavor, espresso is a concentrated form of coffee made by forcing pressurized, hot water through finely ground coffee beans. You may love espresso and espresso-related beverages such as cappuccinos and cafe lattes but don’t want to spend a lot of time and money making them at home. In this case KRUPS has a tailored espresso machine for you: KRUPS XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine. An easy-to-operate, compact, 4-cup espresso machine that quickly delivers excellent espresso and delicious cappucinno.

Compact 4-cup espresso machine

Make Your Favorite Speciality Drinks at Home
Time-Saving: Quick and Simple

The KRUPS XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine produces espresso with a rich and complex taste in just a few simple steps. Start by measuring out the amount of water you need depending on the number of cups and the strength of the desired espresso using the markings on the provided espresso carafe. Pour water into the water tank. Then put the ground coffee into the filter holder using the included measuring spoon. One full measuring spoon is the amount needed for one espresso. Fit the filter holder into the appliance, place a cup or the carafe under the machine and turn the selector knob to ‘espresso’. After 3 to 4 minutes your espresso will be ready for you to enjoy.

Space-Saving: Compact Design

The KRUPS XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine is one of the smallest espresso machines on the market. It is ideal for people who want to have an espresso machine next to their irreplaceable coffee maker, or for students who love the great taste of coffee. This espresso machine is the perfect gift for family, friends, or oneself.

Money-Saving: Make Your Favorite Speciality Drink at Home

If spending a lot of money on lattes and cappuccinos in coffee shops is part of your routine, the KRUPS XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine will change your life. You can froth your milk in seconds and use it to make a delicious cappuccino, creamy latte or mocha, thanks to the efficient steam nozzle. Enjoy a wide variety of espresso-based drinks at home.


Bold design, precision, ingenuity, and unwavering craftsmanship uniquely define the philosophy of the leading brand Robert KRUPS created in 1846. Starting with the most precise scales in the world, Robert KRUPS diversified the brand portfolio launching historical products such as the first electrical coffee grinder, the 3-Mix hand mixer or the Onco Coffee Maker. Soon identified as one key player in the coffee and espresso industry, KRUPS has continued growing, exporting the German high quality products across the globe. Today, KRUPS perpetuates the high standards of quality that have been set more than 150 years ago and put Passion, Precision and Perfection at the heart of each and every product.

Product Features:
  • 1-Boiler cap for water tank
  • 2-Selector knob with 3 positions: espresso, steam, and off
  • 3-On/Off indicator light
  • 4-Removable drip tray grid allows for easy cleaning
  • 5-Espresso carafe with 4 cups capacity
  • 6-Steam nozzle to froth milk easily
  • 7-Filter holder
  • 8-Measuring spoon

List Price: $ 99.99

Savings: 50.83

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Customer Reviews

63 of 68 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Already paid for itself, October 12, 2013
A. D. Neal (N.GA Mtns) - See all my reviews

Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: KRUPS XP1000 Steam Espresso Machine with Frothing Nozzle for Cappuccino, Black (Kitchen)
To be clear, this is my first espresso machine. For years I have toiled out much hard earned money for that savory sweet espresso from coffee shops but always assumed the mystical process was somehow beyond my reckoning. Thanks to the college where I work having installed a Starbucks recently, I suddenly found myself spending too much there and figured that I would give it a go. Picking out an espresso machine leaves you with little in between, there are 40-100$ range models, and then you start getting fancy and pricey exponentially quick from there. As this was an experiment, I wanted something in the under 100 category and finally settled on this model after browsing the variety. We have had the machine for a little under a week but it has already earned its keep; here's my thoughts.

Pros: Affordable, simple, nice looking, easy to clean, effective, quick.

For the price, this machine is great, truly. It takes a little bit of practice to get the whole system down, but after about three or four uses I had it pretty much figured out. Now, after having made about a dozen drinks with it, from start to finish its takes under 10 minutes to make the drink and do a basic clean up. The instructions are a bit odd but with a little getting used to, it makes good and easy sense. A few things to keep in mind: only use as much water as you will use (don't overfill) and always let the steam run out when you shut the machine down (letting steam stay in the line will kill a steam system - I've done it to a steam mop personally). When you are done making the drink, unplug it. The element in the tank is super hot and while it seems really sturdy , leaving an element on with no water is very dangerous. After everything cools down a bit disassembly and clean up is really easy and quick.

Cons: Steam nozzle doesn't swivel, very basic.

The only real con I can see so far is the steam nozzle is a bit annoying to get to, particularly if you are using a tall cup. In such a case, I have to pull the machine close to the edge of the counter and turn it so I can squeeze the cup up to the nozzle. This is not a huge con and perhaps the lack of swivel action might make it sturdier in the long run, thus not a major complaint as it is easily overcome. Some might find this model just too basic, as it is essentially just the bare-bones model. However, I would rather have a basic model from a good name brand company (Krups has great customer service ratings) than a higher end model from a questionable company.

All in all this unit is a 5 star no-brainer if for no other reason than it has literally already paid for itself. Now, every day that I go to work and I wave to the Starbucks folks without stopping in, I'm not spending another 4 or 5 bucks. Now I'm just drinking in the profit, so even if it doesn't last forever, I can live with that; it's earned its keep.


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61 of 67 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars
Good for premium drinks on a budget!, July 2, 2013
E. Talerico "Greenmanwest" (Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: KRUPS XP1000 Steam Espresso Machine with Frothing Nozzle for Cappuccino, Black (Kitchen)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I have an espresso machine in my home already - I was looking for something that will let me have my favorite beverages at work too!
And out of the box, this is an elegant and compact unit. It looks good on my countertop, and is unobtrusive on top of a file cabinet! It also has a very small footprint, which means its easy to stow away after I'm done with it.
Be aware that although it won't take much space for storage, you'll want to have space around it when you are using it if you plan to use the steamer.
The XP100050 is easy to use - it heats water quickly and produces a nice strong expresso brew in just a few short minutes! I should add that it is not a gourmet cup. There was no crema at all! But the brew was smooth and strong, making a terrific Latte. The steamer works very well, although it would benefit from a slightly larger arc or a swivel - it was just a bit too close to the side of the unit for my taste, but it works. The unit is easy to clean too.
No espresso machine is silent, but this one works fairly quietly. The included carafe is convenient and holds a generous amount of beverage.
The coffee filter cup is simple and straightforward - but I've noticed its a bit smaller than the small end of most tampers, so you'll need to use something else if you are only making a cup or two.
I've given this item four stars - it does everything its supposed to, looks pretty good, is quiet and compact. I took one star off for the minor inconvenience of the steam nozzle being too tight a fit.


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49 of 61 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars
Really not that bad at all, April 20, 2013
This review is from: KRUPS XP1000 Steam Espresso Machine with Frothing Nozzle for Cappuccino, Black (Kitchen)
I meant to give it three and a half stars, but I rounded up.

I got this machine as a gift from my employer for 10 years of service. I could have chosen a tent or a Dirt Devil upright vacuum cleaner instead.

The espresso that comes out of this machine won't make you forget about Stumptown or Blue Bottle, but it produces a nice, rich, dark cup of coffee. It's really more similar to what you'd get out of a Bialetti moka pot than to coffeehouse espresso. The steam wand lets you froth milk so that you can jazz things up into something like a latte or a cappuccino.

The main advantage of this machine over a stovetop espresso pot is that you can control the amount - and therefore the quality - of the coffee that it makes by controlling how much water you put into it. If you fill the carafe up to the "2" marking and use that to brew, you'll get a much stronger, more rich tasting cup than if you fill it to the "4" marker.

Also, it's pretty quick to set up and take down. I've timed myself at 20 minute for the whole process, with semi-hasty consumption of my beverage included. It cleans up pretty fast, with a minimum of unscrewing and fiddling, although it will be hot when you first begin.

I don't use the milk frother that much, and part of the reason is that it isn't really positioned very well. It can be difficult to get a cup up under it for starters, and it splatters the milk if you don't submerge the nozzle head deep enough. If you can figure that part out, however, it does produce a nice foam.

The bottom line is that this could be an enjoyable and practical addition to your home coffee-brewing arsenal. It has a small countertop footprint, and more or less hassle-free maintenance. The rest of our home lineup includes a moka pot, a french press, a pourover filter and a big bucket of instant mocha mix. I need a good smallish drip machine with a timer on it too, for purely utilitarian versatility, if not pure enjoyment.

Having said that, I"m not familiar with other budget espresso machines, so I can't really say if this is the best option if you have to pay for it yourself. I don't feel as though I'm missing out on that tent or that Dirt Devil though.


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