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Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage

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Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage

Product Features

  • Advanced electronic insect control; non clogging killing grid; 1/2-acre killing radius
  • Recommended not to be used within 25-feet of area intended for human activity, should not be attached to house or deck or other structures
  • Instantaneous operation, continuous and uninterrupted service
  • Uses a 15-watt bulb
  • Measures 9.2 by 9.2 by 13-inch

Product Description

Electronic Insect Killer 15-watts: 1/2 Acre RadiusFlowtron’s lantern-style insect killer uses nontoxic ultraviolet light to eliminate mosquitoes, biting flies, and other insects over a 1/2-acre area. The insect killer is cleaner and safer than its chemical counterparts, and its patented nonclogging killing grid eliminates the grid clogging that can short-circuit the unit or cause flare-ups of insect remains. The insect killer features high-impact construction and a protective outer enclosure to prevent children, pets, birds, or wildlife from contacting the charged grid.

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Customer Reviews

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Newer technology is not always better (but tends to be more expensive either way!!), June 24, 2009
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Background you can skip
Normally I stay away from writing reviews for items that have already been throughly reviewed and compared as I can be of more help writing about the stuff no one else has tried yet. In this case, since it became such a huge unsolvable problem for us, I felt compelled to write about going 'low tech' for a change.
Here's the scoop: we moved to a new home in late 06: 4 acres, large 12,000 gallon pond, about 1 acre grass, the rest trees/wooded.
Little did we know that the previous owners had put that pond in because of the excess water in the area. The trees were virtually always, except during summer, in puddles or swamp waters. With the recent turn-to-wet climate this problem got exacerbated. Net result: swarms and swarms of mosquitoes taking over our lot. Even the UPS guy and our postie complained when they had to deliver. We had the city come out but other than once a season spraying there was no solace.
So we looked online and finally settled for what we considered the high tech solution: the Mega Catch Premier.. We bought 2 and paid heftily for those...250$ a piece. The concept was a machine that fools mosquitoes into chasing it as it presents itself to mosquito senses as a living breeding and bleeding mammal. It basically looks like a black plastic square box with some openings. In the top part of the box are colored blinking lights (led) that rotate. Aparentlhy mosquitoes see this as movement. Secondly, under those lights, there is a large computer style fan that creates downdraft...into a compartment below when you keep octenol and a bowl with sugar water and hotdog bits. (?) Kid you not.
It actually did make a dent in the population. Let us not claim it was useless, because it was not. The problem with the MC was really about maintenance, cost of maintaining and ultimately durability. Both lasted about 1.5 years before they sputtered and died. The bowls with the liquid often filled up with mosquitoes and other flying insects (millions of moths) and then dried to a hard crust. Ipso facto: clean it often!! Horrendous. Secondly, the fans would become encrusted with insect bits and ultimately jammed until you scraped them. Finally, the octenol was expensive and not easily changed (little jamming door that would make the liquids spill).
To make a long story short: super high tech concept, often claimed to be better than the even more expensive (uses propane) Mosquito magnet.
Well it was, but not for long and it was a pain to keep up with nor did we want to spend such an amount again for a half-functioning solution.

We then started to read up on websites and found the long-been-around Flowtron 80D. The smaller models did not get great ratings (albeit not half bad for dirt cheap zappers) but the BK-80D stood out. Here on Amazon it got close to an avg. of a five. Other sites, with plenty of real life desperater people in similar situations as ours, it was listed as the simpelest and most effective remedy.

About the Flowtron BK-80D
So we shelled out 2x 80$ for 2. Thanks to Prime we got them 2 days later for free (did I say I heart Amazon?).
The units are larger than you might think, and in order to show the size I added some pictures up top with my hand next to it. I am a 6ft male so you can see that these aren't small units.
The unit is not heavy but bulky and make of very sturdy plastic that apprently can handle years of UV damage. Many folks have had these uinits for 5 years plus (it seems to have been in the market since the late 90's which is proof that it is a working concept).
The 80 watt light is big and in a U shape and on the bottom you have 2 Octenol slots. You get 1 x 30 day cartridge. You do not have to use Octenol but we know it works even better with it. (you can order cheap refills online nowadays with free ship for lesst than 5$ a cartide).

The outside grills, made of plastic are horizontal but the inside electric zapper grid is vertical in orientation. More so the bottom is left relatively open apart from the Octenol slots. This is VERY important, as other devices clog up. This one: you will collecvt a heap of insect parts below it. Much easier to clean.

That else is there to say: the electric cord is about 6 inches so you need to connect it to a longer outdoor extension cable to have any type of reach. The unit has a big ring so you can hang it on a planter pole or anywhere else.

Some important tips from others that do work
We read the manual and had picked up some good pointers online: do not hang these within 20 to 25 ft from where you want to sit! Effectively this thing attracts mosquitoes and other flying mini-bloodsuckers and unless you enjoy the pain (...) you would not want to sit in a cloud of those. As one (funny!!) reviewer commented: "Capt'n, the thing does not work, it actually attracted mosquitoes and I could not sit outside anymore". This...

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Cost-efficient, environmenally-sensitive bug elimination, July 20, 2000
This review is from: Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage (Lawn & Patio)
There are several different versions of this product, each one for increasingly large areas. This one--the smallest--is good for up to half an acre of protection. It's the perfect size for a large patio or deck and a modest lawn. Some may not like the zapping sound interrupting their nighttime outdoor fun, but it is probably the most environmentally-sensitive way to rid your lawn and patio of bugs. The 15 watts of power needed to run this machine also make it one of the cheapest bug eliminators.
One of the great things about this model is unheralded in the list of features Amazon gives. With the addition of an (included) strip of UV-activated bait, it's positively lethal against mosquitos. We've found it to be much more effective than citronella torches.
About the only thing that mars this otherwise excellent device is the need to place it in front of the area you mean to protect. This would typically mean placing it away from a house, not next to it. Depending on your particular site, this can mean using extension cords, which come with their own set of safety issues. Happily, however, this is an extremely energy-efficient device, so it's definitely not going to break your electricity budget.


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15 watt Flowtron vs 40 watt model, May 20, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage (Lawn & Patio)

Recieved this device (15 watt Flowtron), along with the spare bulb I purchased, and plugged it in 30 minutes ago about eight feet from my favorite couch.

It has already zapped well over a dozen bugs. Instead of using chemicals as I have in the past, sought a better way to rid my home interior of bugs. The noise is minimal.

Like one reviewer said: the cord is short- real short. Less than a foot. It's working beautifully. Now, just need to replace my roach baits and I'll be ready for the summer bug season here in my sub tropical, coastal, bug infested location.

Will likely need to fabricate a tray device to catch dead bugs as they fall. Think I'm gonna like this thing.

Update: It has now been five days since I received my 15 watt Flowtron bug zapper and I'm happy with it. It has been on 24/7 since I plugged it in. It's not terribly bright which makes for a soft night light for my den. As I kicked back with my laptop tonight and listened to a bug fry every now and then, just ordered two more 40 watt Flowtron units. Hope to have a very bug free summer in my home.

Be advised that these things do not discriminate between benificial bugs that we need for pollination of plants and such. Therefore, there is valid scientific criticism regarding their indiscriminate outdoor useage. Any bug inside my home is fair game. It did not zap every last bug but it has put a big dent in my bug population. My cats don't quite know what to think of it yet.

Update #2: Before buying my first Flowtron, sought information to help me decide what size unit to buy. Have now tried out a 40 watt model in my home. It works well, is significantly larger than my 15 watt unit and the transformer hum is a little bit louder. The bulb in the 40 watt Flotron cost twice as much to replace. Leave the 15 watt unit on 24/7 inside. It works well and uses less power. The 40 watt units are brighter and would be my choice for serious outdoor useage. Will use both of the 40 watt units if needed and turn them off when I go indoors. Inside, just can't see much advantage of using the larger 40 watt unit size.

Now, leave my door open longer when going to and fro knowing the 15 watt bug zapper is always at work inside. It's popping a bug every few minutes or so tonight. Should be able to use significantly less insecticide in my home now.

They do not zap every bug but work quite well. Only notice the 15 watt model eight feet from me when a bug gets zapped. Flowtron seems to make a solid, well thought out American made bug zapper and stand behind them.

June 25 2009: My 15 watt bug zapper has been on nonstop since I first plugged it in over a month ago. It has been frying bugs in my house day and night trouble free. Have not cleaned it yet. One of my cats runs and hides sometime when a big bug makes more noise than usual. If and when this one quits, will get another 15 watt model for my home interior. It does not zap them all but sure helps a lot.

July 29 2009: A house fly was bugging me bad in my home the night before last. Knew that if I was patient, the annoying little bug would find his way to my 15 watt flowtron at some point just like many before him. Sure enough, as I went to sleep, he fried- well done. Have used very little insecticide this summer in my home with this thing working 24/7 nonstop and consuming only 15 watts of electricity. Wish I had thought of using one of these things sooner. My jumpy male cat has gotten more use to it now. Would go with a 40 or 80 watt model for heavy duty outdoor use at night. The 15 watt size is perfect for my indoor purposes. Still haven't cleaned it. It's right trouble free. There is a bit of an odor when a house fly or large bug gets zapped. That's no problem relative to getting rid of the bugs.

April 8, 2010 : Since this makes a good night light, left it on all winter. Have not turned it off since I first plugged it in. It just zapped one of those large, lanky, mosquito looking type bugs. Was wondering how long it would take for him to get fried (about an hour since I first saw him). Have not needed the spare 15 watt bulb yet. With ten boxes of fresh new roach baits, am ready for bug season again. May mount one of my 40 watt Flowtron units inside this Summer if needed.

August 6, 2010: It's time to deal with hurricanes, bugs and heat now. My trusty 15 watt Flowtron is busy tonight for I have little nats and other flying bugs in my house. That same 15 watt unit has been on nonstop since I first plugged it in- same bulb with no problems. Just needs some cleaning up now and then. At less than currently with shipping, think I'll buy another 15 watt unit to put in the other end of my home. Need to step up my roach battle also. Have four tubes of roach gel. It's impossible to keep them out around here. Like living near the ocean even with the bugs. Before I got this device, used...

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