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Nature Bright Per2 Smart Lamp. The Per2 LED Daylight Lamp goes beyond the average desk lamp as it simulates a naturalistic environment through its careful calibration and changing color temperatures. Its capabilities include enhancing alertness, concentration and energy to keep your body at a natural rhythm. Dynamic, color temperature changing LED reading lamp with auto-shifting color temperature option helps to recalibrate your circadian rhythm by simulating the constantly changing color temperature of morning to day to evening light. Features: Dawn dusk simulation, Integrated alarm clock, Fully adjustable, 300 head rotation, 90 forward and rear tilt, 180 side to side rotation. It is a perfect LED daylight lamp which produces light output up to 1000 lumen and extreme clarity with power consumption of only 6 watts. Great desk lamp for kids and seniors. Dimensions: 20″L x 5″w x 7″H, Weight: 5 lbs.

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