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Energizer Household Lighting LED Under Cabinet/Strip Light, #HRGCAB

A/C powered (5.5-foot cord)
Energy-efficient LED technology
Easily installs and mounts under cabinets and in small spaces


Installing new lighting in your home can be expensive, but you don’t need professional wiring. The Energizer LED Under Cabinet Light will shed some quality light on any situation, and all it needs is an outlet. This lamp is perfect for reading, preparing a meal, or working in the shop. It’s linkable too, so you may expand your illumination while using only one on/off switch. We won’t keep you in the dark about its special price either – search Amazon for product #HRGCAB and you’ll see it selling for twice as much. You’ll feel much brighter for buying it here instead.

Energizer Glas Collection Under-Cabinet LED Light

Glas Collection
Under-Cabinet LED Light
  • High-quality LEDs never need replacing
  • Easy to install
  • Connect up to seven (7) lights in a row
  • Durable materials

1-2-3 Easy Install

1. Turn the light on and determine where you’d like to place it based on where the light falls. Place the paper mounting template over the chosen area to drill the screws in correct position.

2. Leave a 1/8-inch gap when drilling the screws into the surface. Remove the paper template. Move the plate of the light along the screws until you feel the back plate slide over the screws and the light can be pushed up against the surface.

3. Install cord holders if needed for cord management. Remove the socket cover if installing more than one light in a row, then follow installation steps 1 & 2 and connect the lights with a 24-inch connector cord.

Energizer’s line of household lighting offers integrated lighting systems that incorporate technologically advanced circuitry, optics and LEDs. The Glas collection is family friendly with energy-saving features and practicality at the heart of the design. Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer.


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The under-cabinet LED light is perfect for illuminating small, dark areas under kitchen cabinets, desks, work benches, and other similar places at home or work.

The light provides flexible installation with the ability to connect up to seven (7) lights together. Control them all from the first light.


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Energy-Efficient Technology

The under-cabinet light includes six LEDs, which equates to 40 watts of light. In addition to saving time and money from replacing traditional bulbs, these lights also use less energy. Even more, this light meets California Title 24 Standards for energy efficiency.

Durable Materials with Classic Design

With its matte-black-based clear acrylic covering and black cord, the under-cabinet LED light blends in nicely with almost any decor.

The unit’s mounting plate is made of metal, not plastic, so there’s no need to worry about breaking it during installation, and its on/off control switch is easy to locate even in the dark or if hidden from view.

The Science Behind Lighting Design

Energizer considered two important lighting factors when designing this light:

  • How much light output is needed (lumens)
  • What color does the light output need to be (correlated color temperature or CCT)

Energizer developed the Glas collection under-cabinet light with 400 lumen light output to provide bright light to your work space. Energizer also included a CCT of 3500K, which is on the warm to neutral side of the CCT spectrum. This light color is best for tasks that require you to distinguish between colors for very detailed, close-up work.

What’s in the Box:

One Energizer LED Glas collection under-cabinet light measuring 12.4 by 2.25 by 1.04 inches, a 5-foot AC power cord, a 24-inch connector cord for the option to connect multiple lights, two phillips-head screws for easy installation, and three cord holders to fasten and conceal cords out of sight.

NOTE: You can easily connect and install multiple Energizer LED under-cabinet lights together with all the parts provided in each box. No additional parts needed.

Color chart

A/C powered (5.5-foot cord)
Energy-efficient LED technology
Easily installs and mounts under cabinets and in small spaces
Six LEDs flood area with light
On/off switch is easy to locate

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