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    Stanley 84-114 3 Piece Basic 6-Inc...

    $19.48 $15.21

    Includes 3 sets of pliers with forged-steel construction for durability
    Forged-steel construction for durability
    Rust-resistant finish for greater protection; double-dipped handle for extra comfort

  • $6.59

    Klein Tools 89 Replacement Klein T...


    Made from Tenite plastic for a comfortable and slip-resistant grip
    Color: Maroon
    Fit Pliers: 8-Inch-9-Inch (203mm-229mm) long

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    Knipex 8701180 7-1/4-Inch Cobra Pl...

    $37.38 $23.89

    Plastic Coated Non-Slip Handles
    Box-Joint Design is Highly Stable Because of a Double Guide
    Fast Adjustment Directly on the Work Piece, Just Position the Upper Jaw to the Work Piece , Push Button and Move Close the Lower Jaw