• -10%
    $199.00 $179.00

    Kuna Smart Home Security Outdoor L...

    $199.00 $179.00

    Kuna is a smart home security camera in a stylish outdoor light that detects and allows you to interact with people outside your door
    The security device includes HD live and recorded video, two-way intercom, alarm, smart motion detection alerts to your phone, and more
    Easy 15 minute installation with no batteries to replace so you have continuous protection around the clock

  • -42%
    $12.99 $7.59

    Westek OLC5CLC 150W Outdoor Screw-...

    $12.99 $7.59

    On at Dusk, Off at Dawn – for incandescent bulbs only
    Long stem design fits inside most PAR floodlight, spotlight or enclosed exterior fixtures
    Ideal for driveways, entrances and patio lights / Water Resistant

  • $14.01

    BRK SA350B – Smoke Alarm ...


    Brand: BRK
    – Part No.: SA350B
    – Battery Type: Sealed-In Lithium

  • $39.99

    Netgear VZMB2010-10000S for VueZon...

  • $199.99

    Infant Optics Add-On Camera for DX...


    Works strictly only with the Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4ghz video monitor.
    2.4ghz wireless connection – interference and static free. Sets up in minutes.
    Capable of expanding up to 3 add-On cameras (total of 4 cameras) together with your existing DXR-5 Infant Optics Baby Monitor (sold separately).

  • $299.99

    iSmart 4 Channel H.264 CCTV Securi...


    P2P Auto Connection with QR Code Scan, no router or DDNS set up is required
    Smartphone compatible; iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PC and Mac (Mac requires portforwarding)
    Outdoor weatherproof and tamperproof housing rated at IP 66

  • Set of 2 Hanging Door Knob Burglar...

    door knob alarm
    Burglar Intruder alert
    8 x 1 3/4 x 1″

  • $38.60

    Monoprice Z-Wave Door and Window S...


    Monitors a door or window and sends a Z-Wave signal when the door or window is opened and closed
    Fully compliant with other Z-Wave network devices
    Includes mounting screws, adhesive tape, and a CR123A battery for power

  • Brinno APL100G Motion Sensor 4 LED...

    4 bright LED’s provide ideal illumination for closets, storage areas, garages, attics, etc.
    Passive infrared sensor automatically detects motion up to 6 meters away and turns light on
    For indoor or outdoor use

  • $16.48

    Add-On Motion Sensor for mfg part ...


    Operates with Carlon’s HS3620, HS3605 and HS3655. Battery Powered.
    Timer switch allows choices of on-time: 6 seconds, 3 minutes or 10 minutes.
    Weather-sealed sensor mounts inside or outside

  • H2OhNo! ATtiny Dev Board / Water A...

    ATTiny85 based project
    This board can be re-programmed to be an Annoy-A-Tron
    The board includes a buzzer, LED, a coin cell battery, and the ability to detect analog and digital sensors

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    $37.95 $28.50

    Failed Circuit Alarm (New Style)

    $37.95 $28.50

    110 / 120 volt Power failure detection with power present light and auto reset
    9 volt battery operates alarm (battery NOT Included)
    115v plug, low voltage 9 Volt transformer powers unit

  • $15.99

    Rodann Electronics Alarm Accessory...


    Compatible with the Rodann Electronics RX&TX1000A and RX&TX2000A security systems
    1-Year Warranty
    Made in the U.S.A.

  • 3 Sets NO Recessed Magnetic Window...

    Product Name : Wired Magnetic DoorContactReed Switch;Model : MC-38;Contact Type : NO(Normally Open)
    Contact Capacity : 0.5A(Maximum Switch Current);Voltage : DC 100V;Rated Power : 10W
    ActionDistance : 10-25mm;Each Size(Approx) : 27.5 x 14x 7.7mm / 1.1″ x 0.55″ x 0.3″(L*W*H);Wire Length : 27cm/ 10.6″

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    Xtreme Life Night Vision Smoke Det...

    Easy install: just charge it, mount it, and the SC7350 will do the rest – 2 second start up for motion activated recording using PIR (heat motion)
    Battery operated for up to 30 days of operation in standby mode – No visible wires – Install up to 4 hidden cameras and get simultaneous Quad Video Display and Recording
    Remote Video Access – Users can remotely access their hidden camera systems from any PC with internet access