• $14.01

    BRK SA350B – Smoke Alarm ...


    Brand: BRK
    – Part No.: SA350B
    – Battery Type: Sealed-In Lithium

  • $39.99

    Netgear VZMB2010-10000S for VueZon...

  • $199.99

    Infant Optics Add-On Camera for DX...


    Works strictly only with the Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4ghz video monitor.
    2.4ghz wireless connection – interference and static free. Sets up in minutes.
    Capable of expanding up to 3 add-On cameras (total of 4 cameras) together with your existing DXR-5 Infant Optics Baby Monitor (sold separately).

  • $299.99

    iSmart 4 Channel H.264 CCTV Securi...


    P2P Auto Connection with QR Code Scan, no router or DDNS set up is required
    Smartphone compatible; iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PC and Mac (Mac requires portforwarding)
    Outdoor weatherproof and tamperproof housing rated at IP 66

  • Set of 2 Hanging Door Knob Burglar...

    door knob alarm
    Burglar Intruder alert
    8 x 1 3/4 x 1″

  • $38.60

    Monoprice Z-Wave Door and Window S...


    Monitors a door or window and sends a Z-Wave signal when the door or window is opened and closed
    Fully compliant with other Z-Wave network devices
    Includes mounting screws, adhesive tape, and a CR123A battery for power

  • Brinno APL100G Motion Sensor 4 LED...

    4 bright LED’s provide ideal illumination for closets, storage areas, garages, attics, etc.
    Passive infrared sensor automatically detects motion up to 6 meters away and turns light on
    For indoor or outdoor use

  • $16.48

    Add-On Motion Sensor for mfg part ...


    Operates with Carlon’s HS3620, HS3605 and HS3655. Battery Powered.
    Timer switch allows choices of on-time: 6 seconds, 3 minutes or 10 minutes.
    Weather-sealed sensor mounts inside or outside

  • H2OhNo! ATtiny Dev Board / Water A...

    ATTiny85 based project
    This board can be re-programmed to be an Annoy-A-Tron
    The board includes a buzzer, LED, a coin cell battery, and the ability to detect analog and digital sensors

  • -25%
    $37.95 $28.50

    Failed Circuit Alarm (New Style)

    $37.95 $28.50

    110 / 120 volt Power failure detection with power present light and auto reset
    9 volt battery operates alarm (battery NOT Included)
    115v plug, low voltage 9 Volt transformer powers unit

  • $15.99

    Rodann Electronics Alarm Accessory...


    Compatible with the Rodann Electronics RX&TX1000A and RX&TX2000A security systems
    1-Year Warranty
    Made in the U.S.A.

  • 3 Sets NO Recessed Magnetic Window...

    Product Name : Wired Magnetic DoorContactReed Switch;Model : MC-38;Contact Type : NO(Normally Open)
    Contact Capacity : 0.5A(Maximum Switch Current);Voltage : DC 100V;Rated Power : 10W
    ActionDistance : 10-25mm;Each Size(Approx) : 27.5 x 14x 7.7mm / 1.1″ x 0.55″ x 0.3″(L*W*H);Wire Length : 27cm/ 10.6″

  • Placeholder

    Xtreme Life Night Vision Smoke Det...

    Easy install: just charge it, mount it, and the SC7350 will do the rest – 2 second start up for motion activated recording using PIR (heat motion)
    Battery operated for up to 30 days of operation in standby mode – No visible wires – Install up to 4 hidden cameras and get simultaneous Quad Video Display and Recording
    Remote Video Access – Users can remotely access their hidden camera systems from any PC with internet access

  • GE 45412 Motion Sensing Alarm with...

    GE 45412 Motion Sensing Alarm With Remote
    Sounds Alarm Or Chime When Motion Is Detected
    Easy To Install, No Wiring

  • Security Wizard SWVD01 Recording P...

    Deter potential thieves, avoid annoying solicitors or unwanted guests, and keep a record of who’s been at your house with the Security Wizard
    Alerts household with built in doorbell and automatically activates the LCD display inside of house
    Stores snapshot of each visitor with date and time stamp on included 128MB Micro SD Card