• $17.71

    Dysmio Lighting LED Exit Sign with...


    Completely self-contained. Fully automatic operation. Compact, low-profile design in neutral finish.
    Push-to-test switch. Automatic, low-voltage disconnect (LVD). 120V/277V dual voltage operation standard.
    Injection-molded, V-O flame retardant, high-impact thermoplastic housing. Charge rate/power “ON” LED indicator light. Energy consumption of 3.2W for red letters and 3.8W for green letters.

  • $49.90

    Photoluminescent Exit Sign Red ...


    Photoluminescent 50′ Red EXIT Sign (Includes 2 Removable Arrows) Does Not Require Electrical Wiring
    High Performance Photoluminescent Signs. Only Requires 5 ft Candle of Ambient Light
    ETL to UL 924

  • $27.70

    Vintage Looking EXIT WAY OUT Sign


    The sign measures 22.5″H x 14″W
    This tin sign has a realistic looking worn, distressed appearance.
    Large useful or whimsical sign

  • $59.99

    eTopLighting 2Packs of LED Red Exi...


    Combination LED energy saving exit sign and emergency lighting unit in one compact, modern design
    Completely self-contained
    Fully automatic operation

  • -35%
    $36.00 $23.25

    All LED Decorative Red Exit Sign &...

    $36.00 $23.25

    Long-lasting, energy efficient Red LED exit sign illumination
    Unique bi-color LED indicator light alerts occupant on battery condition
    Internal solid-state transfer switch automatically connects the internal battery to LED board and LED lamp heads for minimum 90-minute emergency illumination

  • -24%
    $25.00 $19.00

    Compass CER Hubbell Lighting LED E...

    $25.00 $19.00

    Highly visible Red Exit panel illumination
    Premium Nickel Cadmium battery
    Wall or Ceiling mount

  • -37%
    $18.51 $11.62

    LED Exit Sign with Battery Backup ...

    $18.51 $11.62

    Red Lettering – White Background
    Battery Backup
    Size: 12″L x 7.5″ H x 1.5 D

  • Placeholder

    Preferred Industries E1021R LED Re...


    6-Inch Letters with color diffusion
    Complies with NFPA, NEC, Municipal and State regulations
    3 hours of emergency illumination provided

  • -38%
    $12.99 $8.00

    Accuform Signs MEXT921VS Adhesive ...

    $12.99 $8.00

    Square corners and scored backing for quick peel-off and application
    4-mil thick printed matte surface with permanent acrylic adhesive

  • $44.00

    LFI Lights – Edge Light LED ...


    Most versatile edge lit exit sign on the market
    Wall, sloped, high, or standard ceiling and mount available
    Aluminum housing with high grade acrylic face

  • -43%
    $39.99 $22.75

    Glitzhome Marquee LED Red Arrow

    $39.99 $22.75

    It is a delightful experience to celebrate your autumn and harvest season with the marquee LED red arrow.
    This marquee sign is made of metal and features a hanging hook & sturdy bottom for a easy display
    It operates on 2-AA batteries which is not included.

  • -14%
    $23.10 $19.93

    UL-listed LED Exit Sign Light with...

    $23.10 $19.93

    RED or green color
    energy saving

  • $39.73

    Marijuana It’s 4:20 Somewher...


    Animated Motion Sign 19″ X 19″ Ultra Bright
    Dimensions: 19″ X 19″
    Light weight and easy to install. Safe to touch and operate

  • $37.99

    All LED Red Exit Sign & Emerg...


    Long lasting, efficient ultra-bright white LED lamp heads
    High-performance chrome-plated metalized reflector and plastic lens for optimal light distribution
    Adjustable LED lamp heads provides optimal center-to-center spacing

  • -7%
    $14.42 $13.41

    eTopLighting LED Exit Sign Emergen...

    $14.42 $13.41

    Dual Voltage 120/277 VAC, 60 Hz | Energy Consumption of less than 2 watt
    Extra face plate included(Double face) | Ceiling/back/side mountable(easy snap-fit canopy included)
    Battery Backup | Completely self-contained | Fully automatic operation