• -11%
    $142.50 $126.59

    Lithonia Lighting TDD LED 2 50K 12...

    $142.50 $126.59

    Energy efficient LED technology allows you to save money on your energy bill
    Aluminum construction in gloss gray
    50 Watt; LED’s included

  • $29.99

    eTopLighting LED Green Exit sign E...


    Chevron arrow-pop out(UL924) | ETL listed w/ damp location
    Combination LED energy saving exit sign and emergency lighting unit in one compact, modern design
    Fully automatic operation,low voltage disconnect (LVD)

  • $29.00

    LFI Lights – Red Compact Com...


    All LED light! No SLA batteries, uses long lasting NiCads that are very low maintenance
    Two fully adjustable, glare-free LED lighting heads
    UL Listed, Listed for damp location

  • $20.93

    Lithonia Lighting EXR LED M6 LED R...


    Letters 6 inch high with 3/4 in. stroke, with 100 ft. viewing distance rating, based on UL924 standards
    Universal chevrons are easily removed for directional indication
    Snap-fit design components for easy installation; Universal J-box pattern and universal mounting capabilities

  • $21.49

    Compass CORS Hubbell Lighting LED ...


    Water-proof design for outdoor application
    Long-life LED with fully adjustable lamp-head
    Powered by remote capacity Exit, Combo, or Unit

  • -20%
    $14.99 $11.98

    GE 7250269 Emergency Switch Flashi...

    $14.99 $11.98

    Features include: Installs and functions like a standard switch Rating: 120VAC 60Hz 300W Max Incandescent Only
    Installation instructions for thee modes of operation: ON (toggle switch up and locked; switch is not illuminated), OFF (toggle switch down and locked; switch is illuminated)
    Wire nuts and screws for installationDimensions: 4 by 1375 by 1875-Inch

  • -41%
    $159.00 $94.00

    LED Canopy Light

    $159.00 $94.00
  • $169.99

    Pixi ® 1′ X 2′ Ultra-...


    4000K (Neutral White) 50,000 hour life LED
    Dimmable 90-130V Internal Driver
    0.55″ Ultra-thin form factor for versatility

  • $9.99

    OxyLED N30 LED Night Light With Du...


    TWO BRIGHTNESS LEVELS: contains energy-saving LEDs to illuminate dark spaces with two levels of brightness and an off mode
    BUILT-IN LIGHT-SENSOR: intelligent sensor auto illuminates at night only and turns off at dawn

  • $36.78

    TORCHSTAR ALL LED Dual/Single Face...

  • $11.99

    RED LED Exit Sign with Battery Bac...


    Ni-Cad Battery Included – rechargeable, maintenance-free battery provides 90 minutes of emergency illumination
    Long life, energy efficient, low maintenance LEDs
    Dual Voltage – 120 or 277 volts

  • -64%
    $29.90 $10.87

    Morris 73120 White Low Profile Eme...

    $29.90 $10.87

    Two 5.4W 6 VDC incandescent lamps
    6 VDC maintenance-free lead battery provides 1.5 hours of emergency operating time
    Moisture-resistant plastic enclosure suitable for damp locations

  • $57.99

    ALPHA 600X Street Light, 3-Level B...


    Three levels user-defined power setting: High, Normal, Low for 750-200-100 lumen brightness, last 2-7-12 hours.
    100pcs white LED producing neutral white beam at 60 degree beam angle for optimum area coverage. Equipped with Lithium battery for longer charging cycle against conventional battery.
    Comes with stainless steel bolts and nuts made to international standard GB/T818 and DIN934. Stainless steel bolts and nuts fit into the u-brackets. Practical engineering design enables flexible mounting regardless pole shape and pole material: round, square, metal, plastic, concrete.

  • $217.99

    LE® 105W LED High Bay Lighting, 2...


    Save electricity bill. Replace 250W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) bulb by 105W LED. Save over 55% on electricity bill of lighting.
    Waterproof. IP65
    High efficiency. Output is over 9600lm. Efficiency is over 90lm/w

  • $65.50

    Lithonia Lighting OWP LED 1 50K 12...


    High-efficiency LED technology
    Prismatic front cover and precision-molded reflector provide superior uniformity and Fixture spacing
    Polycarbonate front cover material ensures superior resistance to corrosion and weathering