• $5.79

    TronicsPros 1M 2.5M 5M RGB Extensi...


    For – 5050/3528 RGB LED strip lights.
    Functions – 1.Connect between IR/RF Controller and 5050/3528 RGB LED strips, to extend your LED strips to the ideal location where you’d like to install; 2.Connect between RGB LED strips, making it possible to install your multiple RGB LED strips in your preferred locations. So, you can control your LED strips in another location.
    Solderless – With 2 pre-soldered female connectors and 2 male 4 pin plugs(copper electroplated), you can directly plug this 5m/16.4ft cable into your 5050/3528 RGB LED strips or IR/RF controller to get them connected, without soldering.

  • $6.90

    Sienoc 10PK 4 PIN RGB Male AND Fem...


    Easy use for LED SMD3528 5050 RGB Flexible Strip
    No need soldering Material: PVC
    Connector Type: 4 pin Female Connector with 4Pin male Plug

  • $4.88

    SoundOriginal 5050 RGB Led cable

  • $13.30

    Bryant Electric SS226 Metallic Wal...


    302/304 Stainless Steel, 18.0 percent Chromium, 8.0 percent Nickel
    Non-magnetic for static free requirements
    For use in industrial and commercial applications exposed to highly corrosive environments

  • $31.99

    Osram 73826 – Flex RGBW Conn...

  • $5.20

    SoundOriginal LED Light Strip 12V ...


    LED strip light power adapter with Toggle Switch. Any Angle LED Light Strip Connector
    LED Light Strip 12V Inline Toggle Switch
    LED Strip Light 12 Volt 2.1×5.5mm DC Jack Power Connector Adapter Cable with Switch for 3528/5050 led Lighting

  • $6.18

    Alightings 5 pin Connectors Applic...


    Compatible with 60/30leds per meter SMD5050 RGBW Non-Waterproof strip
    Applicability PCB board: thickness:0.2-0.4mm / width:12mm
    Easy-Clasp Solder-less Connectors

  • $15.35

    Bryant Electric NP2262W Wallplate,...


    Nylon wall plate is virtually unbreakable
    Smooth finish is easy to clean
    Mounting screws included, brass, painted slotted screw head

  • $12.99

    LEDENET 5pins 10mm Quick Connector...


    Quick connectors for 10mm non-waterproof flexible RGBW LED strip
    Time-saving, easy to use —– To be able to easily connect your LED RGBW Strip and arbitrary
    Length: 15 cm. Width: 10 mm

  • $6.99

    FAVOLCANO 5050 12mm 5pin Led Strip...


    Simple but effective, tool free, easy installation by clipping system
    No solder and no cable, easy to install but also easy to disassemble, environmental protection
    Making neat good looking LED strips turn corners couldn’t be any easier using these connectors

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    $14.99 $5.99

    LightingWill 10pcs Pack Solderless...

    $14.99 $5.99
  • $12.18

    Alightings RGB 5050 Tape Light Str...


    This product is a must-have component of your strip light project since it will help you to save time and headache of soldering.Use this connection box to join cut RGB 5050 LED strip light together without soldering
    Suitable for Non-waterproof rgb led strip light with 10mm wide PCB board;such as 3528 rgb light strip,5050 rgb led strip light
    Contains 5 pcs Gapless Connectors, 5 pcs with one side wire connectors, 5pcs 4PIN Stirp-to-Strip Cable Connector (Total of 15 Pieces)

  • $4.99

    TronicsPros 4 Pins LED Splitter Ca...


    LED Strip Splitter Cable for RGB color 5050 3528 LED Light Strip
    This DC Power Adapter Cable enables you to connect multiple color changing RGB LED strips to a single controller
    Power supply with sufficient amperage for multiple strips is required

  • $5.39

    POWERTEC 20303 Vertical Quick-Rele...


    A rock-solid grip to install on jigs, tool fixtures, or movable bases
    Cold-rolled carbon Steel with Zinc plated coating for corrosion resistance
    Handle clamps in a vertical position when space is an issue and horizontal clamps interfer

  • $7.88

    Alightings 10 Pcs Packed Connector...


    Easy-Clasp Solderless Connectors
    Compatible with 10mm WATERPROOF RGB 5050 LED Strips
    10 pcs connectors