• $17.99

    Toil in the Soil Hand Held Bulb Pl...


    High grade stainless steel point won’t bend or rust. 12″ length and 1.3″ max diameter creates holes of ideal size and depth for planting all kinds of bulbs and seeds.
    Strong, lightweight ash handle offers comfortable grip, making it easy to use even in tough soil.
    Sturdy T-shaped crosspiece makes it easy to rotate, creating larger and deeper holes.

  • $6.47

    Gardener’s Blue Ribbon T027B...


    800 feet of jute twine per roll
    Camouflaged for all your garden projects
    Green to conceal it in vegetation

  • -40%
    $49.99 $29.97

    Liberty Garden Products 645 Orname...

    $49.99 $29.97

    A decorative hose butler will look great on your lawn to hold your hoses neatly and out of the way until you need them
    Free standing ornamental hose stand
    Holds 125-feet of 5/8-inch hose-NOT included

  • -3%
    $16.96 $16.40

    Dramm 1022341 Carded Classic Rain ...

    $16.96 $16.40

    Rain wand with shutoff features new comfort rubber grip
    Made of unbreakable cycolac plastic, drawn aluminum and brass
    Large easy to use shut off valve

  • $6.40

    Bosch Garden & Watering 01HMZ...

  • -2%
    $19.99 $19.54

    EGO 20-Inch Lawn Mower Blade for E...

    $19.99 $19.54

    3-in-1 mower blade for mulching, bagging and side discharging
    Designed specifically for EGO Power+ mower model LM2000 and LM2001
    Delivers a clean cut to promote lawn health

  • -17%
    $25.01 $20.80

    Corona AH 4250 Forged Hedge Shear,...

    $25.01 $20.80

    An ideal tool for effective hedge pruning
    8-inch re-sharpenable forged blades with limb notch
    Lightweight elliptical aluminum handles include non-slip grips

  • $13.62

    Fiskars Consumer Prod 370500-1001 ...

  • $19.99

    Hori-Hori Japanese Style Garden Kn...


    VERSATILE DESIGN MANY USES – Weeding – Cutting – Digging – Sawing – Planting – Probing – Transplanting – Slicing – Not much more can be expected from one tool.
    MULTI-USE FULL-TANG BLADE – Rust Resistant Stainless Steel – Thick for Strength and Durability – Wide and Concave for Scooping – Sharp Flat Edge for Cutting – Serrated Edge for Sawing – Spear Point for Prying – Millimeters and Inches for Measuring Planting Depths
    HARDWOOD HANDLE – Tropical Rose Wood – Excellent Decay Resistance – Strength and Beauty

  • $1.40

    Hydrofarm 1 x Bonsai Pruner, Bud &...


    Bonsai Pruner, Bud & Leaf Trimmer
    Mini trimming shears are perfect for bonsai, pruning houseplants,
    anywhere a small razor sharp pruner is needed.

  • $48.69

    Gardena 8899-U Telescopic Swivel H...


    Quick and easy assembly due to cordless plug in connection
    Ergonomic handle – rests comfortably in your hand
    Swivels in 45-degree steps to either side.

  • $8.99

    Jellas Moisture Sensor Meter, Indo...


    Testing Range: 1-10, Dry(1-3 red zone), Moist(4-8 green zone),Wet(8-10 blue zone ).
    Easy to read moisture levels; Promote plants’ healthy growth.
    No batteries or electricity needed, just plug it in and read the scale.

  • $24.39

    Bully Tools 92300 Root Soaker Irri...


    Root Soaker Irrigation Tool
    Features steel T-style Handle and ½-inch diameter tube
    Tool measures 38-inches long

  • $14.35

    Cold Steel 97BWM12S Bowie Machete ...


    Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm
    Handle: 5 5/8″ Long Polypropylene
    Overall Length: 17 5/8″

  • $36.82

    Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot Lightweight Ex...


    Easy-to-maneuver, dual-action tree pruner with 1 1/8-inch pruner capacity, 12-inch saw blade, and 12-foot maximum reach
    15-inch hardened steel Woodzig pruning saw blade with corrosion-resistant, non-stick blade coating; utilizes no. 7933 replacement saw blade
    Light-but-tough FiberComp fiberglass composite material construction