• $11.79

    LED Lytes Flameless Candles, Batte...


    REAL WAX is what sets the LED Lytes Flameless Candles apart from the rest! You will receive SIX WAX LED Candles that measure 2″ TALL and 2″ WIDE…while slightly larger than some votive holders they do fit inside most. BECAUSE of the real wax and the HAND CRAFTED edge they have a very NATURAL look.. The slight flicker and amber glow simulates the appearance of a real flame.
    The flame sits an inch inside the wax candle to give you a REALISTIC APPEARANCE without the smoke, fake scent or messy dripping wax……plus they will not blow out during those windy outdoor events…or intimate evening for two!
    ARE YOU PLANNING a party…wedding or event and looking for perfect TOP QUALITY table decorations? LOOK NO FARTHER!! They make a great Mother’s Day Gift!

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    $49.99 $19.99

    HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Rock...

    $49.99 $19.99
  • $9.95

    Paradise Garden Outdoor Flameless ...


    A great idea for those outdoor summer events such as weddings, reunions, and parties
    Enjoy candle ambiance outdoors without the mess, smoke, and danger of regular candles
    Flameless candle is made of weatherproof plastic and flickers like a real candle

  • $42.99

    Battery Operated Candles Red Flame...


    Smart control:With One Remote Control, You Could Control All Our Comenzar Candles of Different Sizes, & Our Candle Sets of 5.
    10 Key Remote Timer-For easy & Convenient operation.Out Led Candles Lets you choose among 2/4/6/8 hours Timers as well as Static Flickering Light options and Brightness Levels.THE TIMER WILL CYCLE EVERY 24 HOURS
    Energy saving -Our flickering flameless candles Can Simply Switch on the Remote Control by Clicking . Click it off when no longer needed.

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    Anpress 2 in 1 Vintage London Mail...

  • $11.89

    Waynewon Realistic Batteries Opera...


    72 Hours Long Lasting And Battery Include : Each tealight request one CR2032 coin battery (included) and the battery last about 72 hours-100hours.
    Most Realistic Electric Tealight : Contain 12 per pack the most realistic and best looking tealight with Realistic flickering flame
    Very Easy To Use, Worry Free : Simply switch on / off on the bottom to control the tealight; Smoke-free, drip-less, flame-less and child and pet friendly, safe to use at any venue or event:

  • $24.95

    Indus Classic LG-03 6.25-Inch Hima...


    From Natural Crystal Salt Slabs Lamp is lovingly hand carved to accentuate the multitude of colors
    Works as an air purifier by emitting negative ions into the air and light therapy to reduce stress and increase energy
    These 200 million year old salt deposits are high in minerals and trace elements

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    $9.99 $9.23

    Battery Operated LED Window Candle...

    $9.99 $9.23

    Features a soft warm white light (not yellow, or orange)!
    Two settings: off, on (flickering)
    Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn

  • $19.97

    LED Candles LEDitBe with Lifetime ...


    FLAMLESS CANDLES – prevent deadly accidents with fire and damage to property as well as injury from burns.
    SAVE MONEY – By not buying candles that use a naked flame. Use an LED candle instead-take them with you to a retreat or a hotel. Are you a massage therapist or have some kind of treatment room? Use them to create a peaceful ambiance every time.
    FOR SPECIAL TIMES – You can use them to honor the memory of a loved one. To create a romantic dinner. You can even bring them to the beach. There is no law against LED candles on the beach or in any public place.

  • $8.04

    OMGAI 24 PCS Battery-Powered Small...


    Energy-saving, smoke-free, flameless LED lights, zero carbon emission, 24 candles in one package
    Battery-powered LED tealight candles provides realistic Amber flickering effect
    On/off switch for easy & convenient operation

  • $14.99

    Party Lovers Decoration Submersibl...


    Completely submersible in water
    Comes with an on and off switch
    Great for flower arrangements, ponds and tanks

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    Evolution Salt EARO Himalayan Arom...

    $29.99 $27.08
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    LED Candle Set (3 Pack) Flameless ...


    LED Candle Pillar Light Set
    Flameless Drip or Mess – Safe Around Children and Pets
    Vanilla Scented – Made of real wax

  • $14.99

    Candle Choice Set of 6 Flameless V...


    Remote controlled with 10-20 feet range. Remote is very useful when votive candles are not easy to access.
    Four daily auto on/auto off timers-4-hour, 5-hour, 6-hour and 8-hour. The candles turn on and off automatically everyday. Choose the timer on the remote according to your needs.
    For indoor and outdoor use. Can be used in hot weather/under the sun, but not designed for wet weather.

  • $19.89

    Milliard Himalayan Salt Lamp; Natu...


    An attractive and functional centerpiece for any room in the house.
    Made from genuine, organic Himalayan pink salt. All our lamps are similar, but no two are the same.
    The lamp’s salt crystal naturally draws in moisture and pollutants from the air, ionizing it as it cleans!