• -6%
    $47.99 $44.95

    Luminara Wax Candle 3.5×5 Bur...

    $47.99 $44.95

    Incredibly realistic flameless LED candle with remote capability and timer function
    Over 500 hours battery life on 2 D cell batteries
    Lightly scented

  • -25%
    $20.99 $15.82

    Marble Blue 2 Piece Electric Candl...

    $20.99 $15.82
  • -40%
    $14.99 $9.00

    Battery Operated LED Window Candle...

    $14.99 $9.00

    LED window candles will last 45 days on 2 C batteries
    Three settings: off, on (flickering), on (steady burning)
    Features a soft warm white light (not yellow, or orange)!

  • -16%
    $25.60 $21.63

    Mistyfuse Misty Fuse 10 Yards Whit...

    $25.60 $21.63

    20″ Wide x 10 Yards – Extra Value
    White, extra fine fusible webbing
    Suitable for wide variety of fabrics

  • -60%
    $39.97 $15.97

    LED Lytes Real Wax Battery Operate...

    $39.97 $15.97

    REAL WAX is what sets the LED Lytes Flameless Candles apart from the rest! You will receive ONE LARGE WAX LED Candle that measure 8″ TALL and 4″ WIDE!
    BECAUSE of the real wax and the CLASSIC SMOOTH EDGE this candle has a very NATURAL look…plus it will not blow out during those windy outdoor events…or intimate evening for two!
    THE Candle has a REALISTIC FLICKER and the flame sits a few inches inside the wax Candle to give you a REALISTIC APPEARANCE without the smoke, fake scent or messy dripping wax!

  • $39.99

    Lotus Blossom Table Touch Lamp


    With just one touch, your room is instantly illuminated
    White glass petals of this lotus-blossom lamp are etched with a delicate floral pattern
    Never search for the lamp switch in the dark

  • -37%
    $13.46 $8.47

    Candle Impressions CAT62280CR200 9...

    $13.46 $8.47

    Made from real wax
    Realistic wick design
    Up to 500 hours battery run time

  • -43%
    $17.57 $10.00

    Himalayan Salt Lamp with USB Plug

    $17.57 $10.00

    LED light
    USB powered
    Hardwood base

  • -17%
    $28.99 $23.99

    AGPtek® 60 PCS Battery Operated F...

    $28.99 $23.99

    Flame free, smoke free, worry free candles,no heat, no melted wax to clean up. Ideal for using in decorative displays.
    Long Lasting, Coin batteries included
    These tealights will fit in any votive or tealight holder,they are bright and safe for any room.

  • -28%
    $29.95 $21.52

    Amertac Westek/Amerelle 75206 LED ...

    $29.95 $21.52

    Set of 6 rechargeable candles provides ambience without the mess
    Authentic-looking LED “flames” glow and flicker like a true flame
    Smooth white surfaces in a tealight-inspired shape

  • $35.99

    Luminara Ivory Wax Flameless Movin...


    Flameless wax pillar are a safe alternative to real candle
    Timer mode turns the flame off after 5 hours
    Remote control operates multiple candles within a 12-ft area

  • $44.99

    Set of 3 Brown Mercury Crackle Fin...


    Attractive hurricane candle holders will turn your empty space into a beautiful lighting display!
    Wonderful centerpiece for your festivities, parties or home decor.
    Dimensions: 5″ diameter x 12/14/16-inch high.

  • $14.99

    Candle Warmers Etc. Plug-in Fragra...


    Warming bulb quickly warms dish to melt scented wax tarts releasing fragrance into the home
    Eliminates fire hazard, smoke damage, and indoor pollution caused by burning candles indoors
    Light creates the ambiance of a burning candle

  • 4EVER Metal Vintage Openwork Ocean...

    European Mediterranean Retro Iron Art Candlestick Gifts & Decor
    1 Pcs platypus candle holder. Material: iron; With a tealight for free; Size: 14cm High x 6.5cm Diameter
    Creates a stunning display of light and shadow

  • $39.99

    Danish Clean Green Oil for Lamp Ca...


    Danish clean green oil is the world’s first candle, lantern, lamp, bbq, campfire, bonfire, disaster and survival kit, torch, and fireplace oil not made from petroleum, it’s 100% vegetable oil based
    Patented and in huge demand in europe, danish clean green oil is non-toxic, non-flammable, carbon neutral, safer, healthier and better for the environment, your home and business
    Danish clean green oil is the un-oil all the benefits of traditional oil, but none of the danger, toxicity or soot that can stain your walls and possibly harm your health because it’s not petroleum