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    SkylinkHome TB-318 Wireless Stick-...

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    Quickly and easily create a 3-way lighting circuit by combining this unit with the SkylinkHome Receivers (i.e. WR-001 Dimmer Wall Switch or the WE-001 On/Off Wall Switch)
    Requires SkylinkHome Receivers to work. Ideal to function as a 3-way switch. Ideal for use on stairwells, entrace ways, garages and bedrooms.
    Easy DIY (Do It Yourself) Installation – allows you to add a wall switch anywhere you want without running wires & paying for an eletrician.

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    Premier Copper Products SR1 Copper...


    Switch cover measures 2.75-Inch by 4.5-Inch
    Handmade, 100-Percent recyclable and made of 99.7-Percent pure recycled copper
    It is lead free (less than 0.01-Percent)