• $8.30

    Tank Technology 75-13503 Roadside ...


    Product features insulated jumper cables, flat head screwdriver and Phillips head screwdriver
    Tire Pressure Gauge, 10 Piece Nut Driver Set, Slip Joint Pliers included
    Cloth Work Gloves, Electrical Tape, 12 Assorted Electric Terminals and Fuses included

  • $17.99

    Car Safety Hammer, Window Breaker ...


    Vehicle Safety Hammer – 2 Car Hammers Included – One Red and One Yellow
    Window Breaker Used as Auto Safety Hammer, Emergency Escape Tool. Must have in Auto Emergency Kit
    SeatBelt Cutter With Recessed Razor Blade – Easily Cut Through Seat Belts for Fast Escape.

  • $199.99

    Infant Optics Add-On Camera for DX...


    Works strictly only with the Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4ghz video monitor.
    2.4ghz wireless connection – interference and static free. Sets up in minutes.
    Capable of expanding up to 3 add-On cameras (total of 4 cameras) together with your existing DXR-5 Infant Optics Baby Monitor (sold separately).

  • $62.00

    PowerCost Monitor TM


    Wireless system provides real-time feedback of whole house electricity usage.
    Studies have demonstrated that real-time feedback yields energy savings anywhere between 10 and 20 percent.
    Compatible with all electromechanical and digital meters (inc, AMR, AMI, and Smart Meters).