• $16.99

    6pc 6″ Waffle Buffing Polish...


    This Sets Come with ZFE Wristband ,This Sets For use in applying compounds
    Polish the Full Spectrum of Coatings
    Cut and Buff the most difficult oxidized automotive coatings, hardest clear coats

  • -25%
    $8.93 $6.68

    Astro 235RASP 2.5″ Buffing W...

    $8.93 $6.68

    For use with tire buffer (235B – sold separately)
    Made of tungsten carbide
    Made in the USA

  • $20.99

    ABN Clay Bar Wipe 6″ Medium ...


    Designed for use on a DA polisher allowing for the extremely fast removal of surface contaminents such as brake dust, light rust, bugs, tree sap, pollen, and the effects of acid rain while eliminating swirl marks.
    Unlike the traditional clay bar if you drop this pad you can simply rinse it with water and get back to work.
    This pad significantly reduces the amount of labor need to polish and or clean automotive finishes.

  • -24%
    $5.99 $4.55

    3″ Pro Tapered Buffing Ball ...

    $5.99 $4.55

    Convert your power drill, impact driver or die grinder into high speed polisher & buffer
    Unique 1/4″ quick-change hex shank fits drill chucks, die grinder collets, bit holders & receivers
    3″ long tapered ball of high-density synthetic felt – GREAT buffing material for reduced swirls